Wills Attorneys-At-Law in White Plains, New York

While some people have the need for complex estate because of a family situation or high net worth, the truth is that every individual can benefit from executing a will. To many, the idea of planning for your own death is an uncomfortable or awkward topic. This is understandable until you realize the pitfalls of passing away without a road map to handling your final affairs. A certain amount of discomfort is often worth it to eliminate the stress, headaches, and legal obstacles your loved ones encounter when you die intestate.

At Kent Hazzard & Freeman, it is our goal to make the conversation about your will as reassuring and supportive as possible. We take the time to learn about your goals and unique circumstances, so your legacy will unfold as you intend post-death. Please contact us to set up a consultation with a White Plains wills lawyer who can explain the specific laws. You might also benefit from reviewing some background information.

Wills Protect Your Legacy

Your will is arguably the most important document in your estate plan, at least as it relates to your financial and legal matters at death. There are many basic objectives you can achieve through your will, and you can customize it through provisions that address more complex needs. A last will and testament contains your instructions and intentions with respect to:

  • Naming an executor who will handle estate administration, including gathering assets, making distributions to beneficiaries, paying creditors, and related tasks;
  • Appointing a person to act as guardian for minor children;
  • Identifying real estate, personal property, and other assets to be distributed to specific beneficiaries;
  • Directing how the residue of your estate is distributed after specific bequests;
  • Creating a testamentary trust, where suitable for younger beneficiaries or those with special needs; and,
  • Minimizing the potential for conflict among family members and loved ones.

How a White Plains Wills Attorney Can Help

Creating a will is an important, complicated process, one which many people make the mistake of entrusting to a software program or kit. Technology cannot replace the knowledge, skills, and custom-tailored advice of an experienced lawyer. At Kent Hazzard & Freeman, our team takes a methodical approach when working with clients. Through the process, we will guide you in creating a will that aligns with your intentions and goals. Our services include:

  • Assessing your family situation, financial matters, and other relevant factors;
  • Analyzing specific laws that impact your circumstances;
  • Recommending basic will provisions and advising you on specialized factors;
  • Preparing your will and any supporting documents;
  • Reviewing and explain will provisions and how they function; and,
  • Assisting with execution, including obtaining witness signatures and notary.

Discuss Your Goals and Circumstances with a White Plains Wills Lawyer

If you would like more information on the goals you can accomplish and other advantages of creating a will, please contact Kent Hazzard & Freeman to schedule a consultation with one of our White Plains wills attorneys. Once we learn more about your story, we can assist with preparation, drafting, and execution of the necessary documents.