Real Estate Litigation Experience

Real Estate Litigation Experience Attorneys-At-Law in White Plains, New York

Despite everyone’s best efforts, disputes sometimes break out involving real estate. Our firm can assist with these efforts so that you prevail in court. The right attorney should be cost-sensitive but also fully committed to litigating a case successfully. Although some litigation settles, filing a lawsuit proves to the other side that you mean business.

Our firm can help with any real estate litigation you have, including the following.

Breach of contract. The contract should contain multiple terms and conditions. Any violation can lead to a dispute which can only be resolved with litigation.

Implied warranties. Some real estate transactions come with certain warranties not included in the contract but created by law. An implied warranty that the home is livable would be one. Any violation of an implied warranty can also lead to litigation.

Title defect resolution. The seller might need to pay off a lien or file an action to get the defect in title removed, and an attorney can ensure the process is completed fully and accurately.

Fraud or misrepresentation. Buyers rely on truthful information to inform their choice of whether to purchase a property and how much to pay. When sellers or their agents make materially false statements, many buyers seek to rescind or redo the contract.

Foreclosures. There is often disagreement about whether a lender can foreclose on a property, and a judge must ultimately decide the dispute. Before automatically vacating a home, meet with an experienced real estate attorney to consider your options.

Landlord/tenant disputes. Disagreements arise over overdue rent, subleasing, and alleged breaches of the lease agreement.

Breach of fiduciary duties. Real estate professionals owe their clients certain duties, such as a duty of loyalty and duty of confidentiality. Both the client and the professional should hire legal representation if the dispute cannot be resolved amicably between the parties.

There are various remedies available in litigation, with money damages being the most common. For example, if a deal falls through, you might incur costs searching for and ultimately buying a replacement piece of property, which might have a higher purchase price. Money damages compensate for losses sustained by the breach or other violation.

However, money sometimes cannot provide a full remedy to protect our client’s rights. We might also seek rescission of the contract or even specific performance, such as a forced sale.

Finding the Right Real Estate Attorney for Your Needs

No one wants to add expenses to a real estate transaction. But a little money spent upfront can save you much more down the road. And if you must litigate a dispute, hiring a lawyer with experience can lead to cost-effective representation.

Every state has hundreds of attorneys practicing real estate law. But which one is right for your needs?

The first thing to look for is an attorney with experience in real estate law. Someone who practices only divorce might be a terrific advocate and very detailed in their approach. But they lack familiarity with the laws at play in real estate transactions, so they could end up performing a bunch of unnecessary work and costing their clients money.

Also look for a real estate lawyer with sufficient transactional or litigation experience. You might be a commercial buyer, so you would benefit from an attorney who has worked on commercial real estate deals. Someone who helps mostly college students avoid getting kicked out of an apartment would have less knowledge of these contracts.

Contact a Real Estate Attorney to Schedule a Consultation

Our firm is standing by to meet to discuss your real estate issue. We provide efficient solutions to our client’s real estate needs, and we are eager to learn more about your transaction or dispute.