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Real Estate Transactional Experience Attorneys-At-Law in White Plains, New York

Probably the fastest way to reduce the value of real estate is to embroil it in costly litigation. Fights over ownership or misrepresentation can cost thousands of dollars, draining value from what you thought was a good deal. If problems were spotted ahead of time and dealt with effectively, however, then clients can maximize the value of their deal.

Real estate transactions should be transparent and cost-effective, providing protection for buyers and sellers alike. Fortunately, our real estate lawyers can help you achieve your objectives in the following ways.

Due diligence. We can help with due diligence and negotiate favorable representations, warranties, and indemnities in the purchase agreement so that you obtain the value you expect. Any proper due diligence should include review of all contracts and leases affecting the property. Sometimes, it is more cost-effective to assume the seller’s loan, and we can analyze the sellers’ loan documentation to determine whether this is a proper step.

Title search. If there are liens or claims on the property—or, even worse, a break in the chain of title—then the value dramatically drops. We can perform a full title search and analysis. Based on the title search, you might want to renegotiate the purchase price or halt the purchase altogether.

Title defect resolution. The seller might need to pay off a lien or file an action to get the defect in title removed, and an attorney can ensure the process is completed fully and accurately.

Boundary disputes. Do you know how much property you are buying? A boundary dispute impacts an entire deal, including price, contingencies, and expected value. You probably can’t obtain financing if there is a dispute over boundaries, so clearing them up early is necessary.

Commercial leases. The lease is the foundation of a commercial landlord-tenant relationship. Although laws often protect individuals renting an apartment, fewer protections are automatically available to commercial tenants. For this reason, both parties must carefully scrutinize a lease agreement, since it will lay out all the rights and responsibilities of each side. Common issues include who is responsible for maintenance of common areas and whether a landlord can rent to a tenant’s competitor.

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